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Why Acne Happens

Acne eruptions form when impurities and oils block the pores on the skin's surface.

These eruptions can take the form of whiteheads or
blackheads. The skin can become infected, filling with sebum and blood, making it appear very red and inflamed. Treating this condition improperly or not at all can result in more severe acne and cysts.

Coresa fights Acne deep under the skin.

Exposing the Impurities

Coresa's Cleansing Mask and Essential Lotion clean and disinfect the surface of the skin, unclogging the pore openings, making the impurities easier to extract in the next step.

Lifting Out the Impurities

Coresa's Rejuvenating Mask actually lifts out the impurities and oils from deep under the skin's surface, and brings about a mild exfoliation of the skin's outer layers.

Oil-Aborbing Lotion strips off excess oils while tightening the pores for finer, smoother skin.

Clear Skin - At Last !

Finally, after just a few days applying Coresa products, the impurities and oils are removed, and the skin's surface begins to heal.

You are left with clear, beautiful, acne-free skin!

Staying Clear

With good maintenance and a proper diet, you can prevent your acne from flaring up again.

Use Coresa Daytime Products

In addition to the four products mentioned above, which are to be applied in the evening, Coresa also suggests applying the following products in the morning, before you leave home.

Coresa's water-based Moisturizer can help keep the skin supple while preventing impurities in the air from penetrating the skin by forming an outer barrier.

Coresa's SunScreen is dermatologist formulated to help prevent hyper-pigmentation during the healing process.

Wash the Skin Often

Keeping the infected area clean of oil, dirt and other impurities is one of the best ways to prevent future outbreaks.

Wash your face (or any place acne appears) often with soap and warm water.

At a minimum, wash in the morning after rising, and in the evening before retiring.

Follow a good Diet Plan

Every Coresa Acne Kit contains a suggested diet plan with "Yes Foods" and "No Foods" which you should follow during the healing process.

Eating healthy foods to prevent future breakouts is a smart way to keep your skin clear.

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