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RS Acne Kit
Reduced strength kit for
mild to moderate Acne

FS Acne Kit
Full strength kit for
very severe Acne

Coresa developed what we believe is the most effective acne treatment for combatting the most serious of cases.

Our formula was developed in Europe and used exclusively by affluent clients in exclusive spas & salons.

After reformulating the product for in-home use and complying with strict FDA regulations, Coresa products are now available to everyone in the USA at an affordable price.

Coresa has been marketing its products throughout Europe and Asia for over a decade (including Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Taiwan, Korea, Spain, Israel, Japan, and Aruba). Customers around the world rave about Coresa's Acne Products and how they've been cleared when nothing else would work.

Below you find some photos of Coresa clients in consultation, our warehouse, negotiations with exclusive salon owners, and a brief biography on company founder, Sam Hayoun.   Enjoy!

CORESA President Sam Hayoun arranges with one of many Salon owners to offer his Acne Treatment products to clients through their establishments.

Before finally becoming available to the public, CORESA Products could only be obtained through private consultations within CORESA's facilities, or within some of the finest Salons & Spas Worldwide.

Above, CORESA President Sam Hayoun consults with new clients.

Professional Session
Below, a client receives a professional application of one of CORESA's key components... the Rejuvenating Mask.
Professional Acne Treatment
Preparing the Client
Professional Acne Treatment
Applying Rejuvenating Mask
Professional Acne Treatment
Drying the Mask
Professional Acne Treatment
Removing the Mask

Ready to Serve You!

We're now ready to serve you through our U.S. distribution facility in Delaware.

Sam Hayoun - President and CEO of Coresa Ltd., Sam founded the company in 1989. He brings to Coresa his vast knowledge in the fields of esthetics and cosmetology. After years of fine-tuning his exceptional product formulas, Mr. Hayoun has developed what he feels is without a doubt the best treatment for Acne on the market today.


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